Business process automation

We have big expertize implementing business process automation solutions. We know the importance of modeling, executing and monitoring processes…understand each task and otimize it. Make your business visual so that people of Functional areas, understand it as much as people from Technology. Decouple your process oriented code from your business core code…understand how fast you can adapt to chage!

Software assessment and cost otimization

We have been doing a lot of software research and assessment, as well as technology governance. We understand that one must be excellent in his/her core business, but doesn’t need to loose time with software architecture and peculiarities…much less with expensive software licensing where there is already great solutions out there, in the open source market.

Source code blocks

Software source code blocks are pre developed algorithms. No matter what solution or component you might be developing, the code that you’re building is certainly done elsewhere. Maybe, if you have a rookie developer, or if you’re in a very urgent project or situation, the code quality may not be the best and the cost of it might be big. We are providing source code blocks for whoever might feel they are helpful.

In the end, if you don’t organize your code correctly, if you don’t otimize your information flow, you may be wasting a lot of time…a lot of money!


Open source solution for the micro businesses

More info soon!

IoT for the elderly people

More info soon!

Business process automation, software assessment and otimization & technology for the community

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