from the community

for the community


PoP Community is a software solution we are developing and is our commitment to a community contribution – it is the way we found to make an open-source free solution, focused on processes.


Developed based in Spring boot and Flowable BPM, it doesn’t aim to be the ‘best in class, gold shinning’ solution…we aim to have the most fun doing it and provide something that we really like and trust (and might help someone out there). Off course, we want the solution to shine for the users and be really, really fast and robust, under execution!


We believe we can create something that can really help anyone that is with a need…in all of its (the need) abstraction, if it involves software! We want to provide a solution – a capacity – so that one can better develop business daily tasks, better integrate with local partners, otimize its processes…we see processes everywhere, this solution must be usefull to someone out there 🙂