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projecTHöR is an independent electronic music project. It’s not aimed for perfection, I do it because my brain is ‘music-oriented’ and for the fun of creation…
I love the sound of a powered bass, loops/looping, a good feedback, powerful (yet clean) distortion, hypnotic sounds…sometimes also like minimalism….try to explore the Sound – consider myself pretty much ‘experimentalists’. Try to create different listening experiences.

The name of the project is a simple tribute to Thör, the best dog that will ever be in this earth.

I think the genre that best fits the sound is electronic garage rock, but it seems it’s something that doesn’t exist, so, maybe I can fit into:

  • #electronicmusic
  • #electronicrock 
  • #industrial
  • #experimental
  • #instrumental
  • #independent

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